Preston Clearwater x Vampire x FC: Jesse Lacey x OPEN

Meet Preston Clearwater:

Preston is not here to make friends. He came here with a job and a purpose, and he plans to do exactly as told. Nothing more, nothing less. That job is to protect Clarence from any harm, and Preston plans on executing it perfectly. He’s not afraid to hurt or at least terrify anyone who gets in his way. He’s a rule follower, no matter what. Of course, deep down he’s actually a nice guy who likes tending to his little cacti garden. Not that anyone has ever discovered that side of him. His brooding look tends to keep away the bubbly types, and his cold demeanor halts anyone from getting too close. No one at the high school has ever seen him truly smile, much less laugh. And that’s fine with Preston. Like he said, he’s not here to make friends.

↳ The low-down on Preston:

  • Pretending to be 18
  • Rarely ever smiles.
  • Strict rule-follower and does exactly as told.
  • Assigned to Clarence only a few years ago.
  • Skilled at unnerving and manipulating prey.
  • Passionate about his cacti garden.
  • A mystery to most every student.
  • Unfriendly, moody.