Natalie Ridges × Human × FC: Valerie Poxleitner × OPEN

↳ Meet Natalie Ridges:

 Natalie is, first and foremost: a party animal. No, really. You’d never guess it at first glance- for this girl has an utter face of innocence. That’s not saying Natalie is incapable of being sweet, because she’s a generally kind person as it is. She’s just… wild. High strung, you could say. She believes that everyone should take advantage of their youth. Even if that means crashing out with your head hung in a toilet, at least you had fun doing so. Right..? Natalie grew up without any stability, her parents barely paying her any mind, even at a sensitive and early age. This has somewhat led into the persona Natalie takes on now, flighty and free spirited at best. She’s been craving a firm hand for ages, and- little does she realize? There’s the perfect applicant for said job hanging on her heals at all times.

 The low down on Natalie:

  • Self destructive, carefree.
  • Has no idea there’s someone monitoring her every move.
  • Incredibly gullible.
  • Very bright, but doesn’t apply herself for shit.
  • Works part time as hair dresser, usually on the weekends.
  • Attracted to danger and high risk situations.
  • Finds nobody trustworthy.
  • Loyal friend.