Rayne Darcia × Vampire × FC: Sierra Kusterbeck × OPEN

Meet Rayne Darcia:

 Rayne is.. cold hearted. Coniving, sneaky. Wherever Rayne trails, so does an impending sense of doom. She’s always found her name ironic, and incredibly fitting. This girl is nothing short of a dark cloud- but more so in a sense that she’s the messenger of the bad news. Chances are that if you’re having a bad day? She’s off laughing somewhere in the background, enthralled and having the time of her life. She thrives off the misfortunes of others, and she really couldn’t care less if this sets you into a hissy fit. You aren’t her problem, and you’re an ignorant soul for thinking otherwise. This is the part where one would usually digress, and reveal that Rayne has a hidden soft spot, a hidden trigger that can ease her brash demeanor. Yeah, that’s not going to happen here. Proceed with caution.

The low down on Rayne:

  • Pretending to be 17 years old.
  • Assigned hunter for the ‘underground revolution’.
  • Has come to eventually slaughter, or possibly turn, Cole Jevlin.
  • Incredibly daunting.
  • Finds all of the protector’s pathetic. Knows them all through passing from gatherings and riots.
  • Skilled at manipulation, choosing to control her prey through fear tactics and mind control.
  • Is permanently jaded because of the way she was turned.
  • Sarcastic, moody